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We are proud to have served the North-West and North Central Iowa  area continuously since 1977. Our begininngs serviced the residential and small commercial building clients that expected and demanded quality.  The construction company was known as S-A-W Construction Inc. Growth of the construction business continued into larger commercial projects while continuing to serve all areas of residential and commercial markets with the highest quality. Our in house design team added additional value to our residential and commercial clients. The design team had access to the field professional construction team where they could tap the knowledge of 20 plus in field members. The honesty and integrity  allowed S-A-W Construction Inc. to serve clients during insurance claims as well as legal disputes. Growth into apartment  ownership seemed natural and near seamless. Ownership of smaller multi-family buildings allowed our team to serve a greater number of Northern Iowa families. Real Estate rentals were owned and managed by Weaver Properties.

After twenty-three years serving the Northern Iowa area with our hands on management in the construction industry, a new direction for S-A-W Construction was embarked upon in 2001. The new direction included serving the construction industry with design, estimating, construction job site management, construction inspections and Contractor and field personnel training. Our building experience gave us a design experience few others have. Gained field knowledge that the design is key to the building owner satisfaction and cost efficiencies including long term and original. Time tested and new products and applications must be combined for original and long term value. Management of owned by others real estate services began with the new direction. Real Estate management for hire allowed others the advantage of our developed systems to maintain profitability. Real Estate management success also begins with proper property selection for the tenant. First question must be does the tenant fit the property.

Company name changed in 2006 to better title the new direction of construction services and real estate management. The name change has had no effect on our dedication to quality, adding value to our construction services clients, our unquestioned commitment to service. The commercial and residential tenants are the customer and BSG is reliant upon there satisfaction. We remain a hands on company with client and tenant satisfaction are paramount concern.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Please request all information needed. Your request will be granted in a timely fashion.