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We would be honored to assist you with your building design. Working with you personally or your entire team to develop the plans to meet your needs. Designing for commercial and industrial clients will have special distinct considerations for efficiencies of all of your companies assets. Residential designing many times will require a personal understanding of the client to incorporate there personalities into the building. Historical preservation and restoration requires an understanding of State of Iowa Historical Society requirements. Our company has a long track record with the IHS. Design services is the beginning of a project and will lay the ground work to a successful and satisfying building project.

Projects designed by use and projects that are designed by others may require by contract or need. We are well suited to work with the owner or owners representative and the general contractor. Inspections may be limited to compliance of local, state, or federal requirements. Possibly you wish to just a little assistance at anytime of the construction process. Construction inspection services are offered for new commercial and industrial buildings as well as residential new and remodeling. Historical preservation and restoration of commercial and residential buildings are accepted.

Quality is a term that is often used but is seldom defined, particularly in relation to construction. Remember that Building Codes by mandate, are restrictive to matters affecting health, safety, and welfare and generally do not address quality-related issues. Also there is not an industry standard or comprehensive guideline. We recommend that all construction contracts include defined quality language.

Steve Weaver is the Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, IDPH Certification # IA2009-INSP-0169. Lead inspections for residential and child occupied facilities can be completed by Steve in all categories. Lead-Free Inspection, Risk Assessments or Lead Hazard Screens. Steve has been involved in writing specifications for rehabilitation of residential properties using the previous Lead Safe Work Practices law since 2001. Steve also trained hundreds of contractors and field team members for State of Iowa certification in LSWP. The newest Leads Safe Renovator law was implemented on April 22nd 2010. Rehabilitation of all types of residential properties and child occupied facilities built prior to January 1st 1978 must follow the new LSR laws and guidelines. Steve has been training contractors and field personnel with the current LSR laws and guidelines. Rehabilitation specifications currently include all LSR requirements. Steve is an approved trainer by the State of Iowa in Lead Safe Renovation, Lead Abatement, Sampling Technicians and Lead Inspector?Risk Assessors. Pleased contact Steve for design services, lead inspections and training schedules.  

Home and building purchasers may require an approved inspector. Our inspections will meet all local state and federal requirements, lender requirements. Please contact use for a quality inspection.